Easy Access to Arctic Data

ArcticWeb is a web portal aiming to make Arctic data accessible and searchable in one place. Currently information on the Norwegian Continental Shelf is available; we are working to expand geographically into the other Arctic Regions.

The goal of ArcticWeb is to create a web framework that would continuously harvest predefined information from the Key Data Owners – reputable authorities and institutions that produce and maintain reliable and high quality information related to Arctic areas.

Key characteristics of ArcticWeb

Easy access to data. Arctic Web aims to simplify data access by making terms searchable from multiple sources at once. The result is a fast, easy and cost-efficient multi-field data exchange. Data can be downloaded in Excel and Shapefile format for further analysis and use in corporate systems.

High quality. The most current and best available data from reputable data owners is part of ArcticWeb. Data quality is maintained by the Key Data Owners.

Search from Map to Text, and Text to Map. Users can effectively search, display, tabulate and download important data search results.

Analysis tool.The ability to display multiple layers of data together with user uploaded shapefiles makes ArcticWeb an excellent analysis tool.

Want to learn more?

Data owners and operators are invited to contact us to learn more about inclusion in Arctic Web. We encourage users to give the search box to the right a try! Read the User guide section for information on how to perform more advanced searches.