The ArcticWeb portal

ArcticWeb is a web portal aiming to make Arctic data accessible and searchable in a single place. A web portal that continually provides updated information from the key data owners (listed below) within a single framework and with the possibility of combining the data from these sources. Currently ArcticWeb contains information on the whole Norwegian Continental Shelf and the coast of Norway.

ArcticWeb is used by oil and service companies for the purpose of exploration, early field development, environmental risk analysis, emergency preparedness, safety assessments and more. Seven operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf joined forces and together with KADME and Acona developed the ArcticWeb to simplify access to public data sources in the Arctic Region. From July 2014 to July 2017 ArticWeb was owned and administrated by Aker Solutions. Since July 2017, KADME has become the owner and administrator of the portal.

Access to ArcticWeb is open to key data owners and subscribers only. To apply for access please use this application form.

Aker Solutions reserves the right to approve all applications for access to ArcticWeb and to reject applications without giving any reason for companies not in the target audience for ArcticWeb.

List of key data owners:
• Institute of Marine Research
• Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
• Geological Survey of Norway
• Norwegian Polar Institute
• Norwegian Meteorological Institute
• Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries
• Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
• Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
• Norwegian Coastal Administration
• Norwegian Hydrographic Service
• Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies
• Norwegian Environmental Agency
• Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
• Norwegian Deepwater Programme

The data from the key data owners is presented as is, and not changed or manipulated in any way when presented in ArcticWeb.